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Our story

Building on a Solid Foundation of Expertise and Trust

For over 40 years, MOC, Inc. has been a bastion of construction and concrete excellence, setting the standard in the industry with a well-earned reputation for quality. Our journey began with the vision of Matt Owens, our CEO and founder, who has been building since 1982. With a California state license since 1990, Matt has steered the company through countless successful projects, spanning from residential dwellings to commercial and industrial buildings.

Our team is the lifeblood of our operations, a family that we’ve nurtured on the principles of knowledge, experience, and unwavering standards. The dedication of our employees, including our Vice President and Co-Founder Jason Maurer, has propelled us to tackle jobs deemed impossible, championing projects from coastal shores to historic national forests.

Clients and partners like Reno Hawley from Anderson Burton and Leslie Pink’Morgan from ISAMAN DESIGN, INC., have experienced first-hand the professionalism and client-focused approach that defines MOC, Inc. They speak to our prompt, prepared, and dependable nature, our ability to meet budgetary constraints, and our unwavering commitment to project execution that meets the highest quality of materials and finishes.

Our Core Values

Our core values support our vision, shape our culture, and reflect what we value — they are the essence of our company’s identity.

Quality Work

To recognize the importance of and respond to the demand of our customers by providing the highest level of quality work.

Professional Knowledge

To enhance customer satisfaction through professional competence and conduct at all times, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Creative Solutions

To provide a growth-oriented, secure, and positive environment for our employees and remain on the cutting edge as we approach challenges head on.

Safe – Not Slow

To provide services that not only meet but exceed all safety standards — all while doing so in a manner that fits our client’s specific goals and timelines.

Innovative ideas for Innovative Future
A skilled worker in safety gear is adjusting components on a metal structure, with power lines and utility poles in the background, representing the hands-on expertise in the electrical construction industry.

Our story continued…

Our relentless pursuit of excellence is further demonstrated by our rigorous adherence to safety and quality, as evidenced by our certifications and state licenses. As an A-rated PG&E sub-contractor, SoCal Edison A-rated, and Gold Shovel certified company, we ensure that each project is a testament to our quest for excellence.

At MOC, Inc., we are more than constructors; we are architects of the future, building beyond expectations with every project we undertake.

Our team

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CEO & Founder

Matt Owens has been in the building business since 1982 and has held a California state license since 1990. MOC has established a well-deserved reputation for quality. With over 30 years of construction and concrete experience, including residential dwellings, commercial, retail, and industrial buildings along with residential and industrial concrete construction.

CELL#: 805-710-166



Vice President & Co-Founder

Jason is a serial problem solver. He has built his 19 year career on doing jobs that were said to be impossible — Jobs spanning from coastal shores to historic national forests. Jason and MOC are experts of SWPPP/BMP implementation. Having overseen projects as an estimator, custom designer, Superintendent, and maintenance coordinator…NOTHING is out of reach and no job is too difficult.

CELL#: 805-717-3701