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Comprehensive Construction Services by MOC, Inc.

A modern electrical substation under a clear blue sky, with multiple transformers and high-voltage equipment, showcasing the infrastructure for electrical power distribution.

High Voltage Turnkey Solutions

MOC, Inc. excels in providing comprehensive turnkey solutions for high voltage construction projects. Specializing in the design, construction, and maintenance of substations, wind and solar power projects, and transmission lines, our service is a blend of precision, innovation, and efficiency. We focus on delivering projects that align with the evolving energy needs, ensuring robust and sustainable power solutions. Our turnkey approach covers all aspects from preliminary design to detailed engineering and procurement management, making us a one-stop solution for high voltage construction needs.

Mechanical Construction

MOC, Inc.’s mechanical construction services cater to a diverse range of industrial needs. Our expertise covers pipeline construction and maintenance, facility upgrades, structural welding, oil & gas facility construction, and more. We are adept at handling complex mechanical projects, ensuring precision and durability in every task. Our team’s skill in tank maintenance and repair, support fabrication, hydro testing, and pigging is unmatched. We pride ourselves on tackling challenging projects, delivering mechanical construction solutions that stand the test of time.

Civil Construction

Our civil construction services lay the foundation for a wide range of structures. We specialize in creating tank foundations, structural walls, pedestal foundations, and more. Our expertise extends to cementitious and epoxy grouting, pipe supports, and shot-crete services. Each project, whether large or small, benefits from our attention to detail and commitment to quality. Our civil construction team is known for its ability to deliver projects that meet the exacting standards of safety and durability, making us a trusted name in foundational work.